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The Typewriter Awards

For Published Creative Writing

Winners announced at the Quills Conference Awards Ceremony
August 12, 2023

Emerald Typewriter Winner 2023

Carolyn Campbell ”Obsessed” (Word Craft)

Winners! Be sure to download your award logos for use on your websites and social media.

Visit the contest award logo download page here.



  • Gold Typewriter - Talysa Sainz “Life Is Not a Poem” (Salt City Genre Writers/Utah Freelance Writers/The Infinite Monkeys)


Flash Fiction

  • Gold Typewriter - Heidi Voss “Guardian” (Salt City Scribes) 

  • Silver Typewriter - Patrick Partridge “If You Could Forget One Thing” (Salt City Scribes, The Infinite Monkeys)

  • Bronze Typewriter- Danielle Harward “Conflicting Opinions” (The Infinite Monkeys)

Media Article

  • Gold Typewriter - Bryan Young “Steven Spielberg's The Fabelmans Hits Close To Home” (Salt City Genre Writers)

  • Silver Typewriter - Bryan Young “The Northman Is A Dream For Akira Kurosawa Fans” (Salt City Genre Writers) 

  • Bronze Typewriter - Bryan Young “Star Wars: How the Imperial Senate Functioned (Until it Didn’t)” (Salt City Genre Writers)


  • Gold Typewriter - Carolyn Campbell “Cold Comfort” (Word Craft) 

  • Silver Typewriter - Valarie Schenk “The Humble Earthworm” (Blue Quill)

  • Bronze Typewriter - Valarie Schenk “Mousetraps” (Blue Quill)

Short Story

  • Gold Typewriter - Inna Valerie Lyon “Secret Society of the Master’s Seven Muses” (Blue Quill, The Infinite Monkeys)

  • Gold Typewriter - Masha Shukovich “FOUR LISTS” (The Infinite Monkeys)

  • Silver Typewriter - C.W. Allen “All in a Day’s Work” (West Desert Wordsmiths)

  • Silver Typewriter - Alexis Hansen “Blood in the Water” (Salt City Genre Writers, West Desert Wordsmiths)

  • Silver Typewriter - Elizabeth Suggs “Technicolor Tears” (Romance Chapter)

  • Bronze Typewriter - Danielle Harward “Challenge Accepted” (The Infinite Monkeys)

  • Bronze Typewriter - Bryan Young “A Last and Final Will” (Salt City Genre Writers)

  • Recommended Read - Inna Valerie Lyon “Mermaid’s Justice” (Blue Quill, The Infinite Monkeys)

  • Recommended Read - Alexis Hansen “Bleeding Heart” (Salt City Genre Writers, West Desert Wordsmiths)

  • Recommended Read - C.W. Allen “The Platinum Option” (West Desert Wordsmiths)

Typewriter Contest Rules

Entry Fee


$20 per entry. Each submission may be entered in one category only.


Rules and Guidelines


Submissions open March 13th and closes May 12th.


Must be a member of the League of Utah Writers. Note: At contest close, submissions will be verified for member eligibility at contest close. If membership will have lapsed or will be lapsed by September 2023, the submitter will be prompted to renew their membership. If a week goes by without their membership being renewed, the submission will be denied without their entry fee being refunded. 


Publishing Date of submitted work must be in May 2022 - May 12, 2023.


All forms of publication are welcome - indie, traditional, etc - as long as it's in its final form and available to audiences. Texts do not need to be paid in order to qualify, only published.


Previous winning works are ineligible to be entered again.

2023 Categories


Flash fiction (under 1k words)

Short story (under 10k words)

Media Article

Comic book [up to 49 pages]

Nonfiction (under 25k words) (can include essays)



Gold, Silver, and Bronze Typewriter awards are given in each category.


The Emerald Typewriter Award is given to the highest score among all entries.


Categories may also include Recommended Read awards in the event of close scores.


Restrictions and Judging


A text may only be entered into one category.


Multiple entries are accepted from a single author, but each text can only be entered once.


Judges are an anonymous third party from outside the League of Utah Writers.


Judges will know the author's name since it is impossible to redact names or other identifying information.


In no way does the League of Utah Writers share your personal information with any third party. Any information of such a nature is only for use in contacting the submitter or allowing Reviewr to identify your account, should you need assistance.


Award winners will be announced at the Quills Awards during the Quills Conference. Please make sure your submission via Reviewr provides a valid MAILING ADDRESS, along with your email address. You do not need to be present at the awards ceremony to win. If you are not present and you place in a category, we will mail you your award, but can only do so with a valid mailing address. 




Entries can only be accepted electronically via Reviewr.


Formats Accepted: PDF, MS-Word.


Please include your cover for marketing purposes should your piece place.


File will be deleted at the conclusion of judging.


Final Notes


Contacting a judge, editor, or agent regarding the contest (before, during, and after) will result in the contestant being disqualified from future participation in any hosted contests by The League. 


Violation of the rules will result in a non-judged piece and forfeiture of entry fees. 


Categories may be combined if there are insufficient entries. 


For questions regarding the Typewriter Award Contest, please send us an email! 


Past Typewriter Award Winners


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