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Beyond Beehives: Poetry & Prose Commemorating Utah's First 125 Years of Statehood

Edited by Sarah Murtagh

Foreword by Gilder Lehrman Utah History Teacher of the Year Quinn Rollins

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Strong at Broken Places:

The League of Utah Writers 2021 Anthology

The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places.”

 - Ernest Hemingway

What does it mean to break, to fall, to fail, to suffer? When we emerge from life’s trials, are we the same people we were before they began? In Strong at Broken Places, members from across the League of Utah Writers explore challenges and adversity, illuminating the hope, joy, and triumph of finding strength in the choices we make.

Featuring fiction, poetry, and personal essays by C.W. Allen, Brad Blanchard, Lauren Brockmeier, Jennifer L. Collins, Linné Elizabeth, Denis Feehan, Joseph Gordon, Kam Hadley, RG Hughes, Lorraine Jeffery, Sean C. Jones, Keyra Kristoffersen, Andria Nerdin, Whitney Oliver, John M. Olsen, Brenna Perry, Steve Prentice, Marie Robertson, Talysa Sainz, Amira Shea, Linda F. Smith, Peter Steele, Marie Tollstrup, Holly Voss, Heidi Voss, Johnny Worthen, Ben Wright, and Bryan Young.

Shadowed Hourglass.jpg

Shadowed Hourglass: A Collection of Poetry and Prose


Time rushes past like a river, sculpting us as it flows. The award-winning stories and poems in this collection explore how we change as the sands run through the hourglass, and the knowledge we gain from those experiences.

Featuring work by Amanda Barusch, Cherie Butler, Jayrod P. Garrett, Krystal C. Gerber, Claudene B. Gordon, Donna Graves, Kam Hadley, Josie Hume, Lorraine Jeffery, Grace Diane Jessen, Sue Stevenson Leth, C. H. Lindsay, M.H. Lopez, Vicky Oliver, Cara O'Sullivan, David Rodeback, Elizabeth Suggs, Marie Tollstrup, Sara Wetmore, Johnny Worthen, and Bryan Young

Chasing Tomorrow.jpg

Chasing Tomorrow:

A Collection of Poetry and Prose


"Time is like a river of passing events, and swift is its current."

This collection of award-winning poetry and prose from the League of Utah Writers takes the reader on journeys through the currents of time, warming in the glow of nostalgia, weathering grief, finding hope for the future, or hoping the past doesn't catch up.


Featuring fiction, non-fiction, and poetry from Virginia Babcock, Elizabeth Watson Barnes, Robyn Buttars, Denis Feehan, Matthew Funk, Brenda Birch Gallaher, Krystal Gerber, Robin Glassey, Lorin Grace, Amanda Hill, Josie Hulme, Jef Huntsman, Lorraine Jeffery, C.H. Lindsay, Christine McDonough, Chris Todd Miller, John Saporito, Valarie Schenk, Richard Timothy, Marie Tollstrup, Johnny Worthen, and Bryan Young.

At First Glance.jpg

At First Glance: A Collection of Poetry and Prose


This collection of award-winning poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction from Utah authors explores the terror, beauty, and magic just beneath the surface of the everyday world.

Volatile When Mixed.jpg

Volatile When Mixed: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose


This collection of poetry and prose by award-winning Utah authors explores moments of change - large and small - and the chain reactions that result from them.

Between Places.jpg

Between Places comprises work by award-winning writers from around the West working in prose and poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Each piece in this collection has its own style and theme. Help yourself to levity, tragedy, history, and sci-fi. On one page you will fin yourself looking at the world through the innocent eyes of a child. On the pages that follow you will gaze out on a dystopian battlefield, hear the siren song of a mighty locomotive, bear witness to newfound friendships, and find the love that was always there. Although each voice is distinct, if you listen closely you'll notice each speaks with the same passion for writing.


Metamorphosis: A Collection of Poetry & Prose


Award-winning Utah authors and poets explore moments of change--both internal and external--in this collection of poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction. 


Includes work by:

C.H. Lindsay, Caryn Larrinaga, Lorraine Jeffery, Keri Montgomery, E.B. Wheeler, Gregory Lemon, Sariah Horowitz, Denis Feehan, David Rodeback, Marie Tollstrup, J. Anthony Gohier, Joni B. Haws, Krystal Gerber, Pam Tucker, Kathy Davidson, Katharine Goodman, Samantha Thorup, Dianne Hardy, and C.H. Hung.


Intersections: An Anthology of Poetry and Prose


Award-winning short fiction, non-fiction, and poetry by Utah authors examines the moments when paths converge, doors open or close, and new possibilities and understandings emerge.

Mirrored Realities.jpg

Mirrored Realities: A Collection of Prose & Poetry


Mirrored Realities is a perception- bending collection of prose and poetry by some of today’s best up-and-coming authors. Infused with whimsy, sadness, and even a little horror, this collection spans the spectrum between childlike innocence and the inner demons within us all.

In the Shimmering.jpg

“In the Shimmering,” the title poem of this collection, describes a night of revelry in a dimly lit dance hall, and a dance hall, and a dancer whose grace and spectral beauty are difficult to forget, even after many years have passed.


That is the writer’s object: to be remembered. Some stories shimmer and wink with delicate impressionistic images, while others capture the imagination with bolder strokes, but all will persist in the reader’s memory. Submitted by break-out and established authors working in a variety of forms and genres, the prose and poetry collected here will surprise, delight, and stay with you long after you’re finished reading.

Words to Paint With.jpg

Words to Paint With:

A Collection of Prose & Poetry


Words to Paint With comprises work by award-winning writers across the state of Utah working in prose and poetry, fiction and nonfiction. Each piece in this collection has its own style and theme--help yourself to mystery, tragedy, history, levity. On one page you will find yourself on a roadtrip to nostalgia. On the pages that follow you will gaze out on dystopian futurescapes. Along the way, hear the roar of a mighty river, bear witness to a priceless gift, mourn for fallen heroes, and see great cities on fire. And although each voice is quite distinct, if you listen closely you'll notice each speaks with the same passion for writing. Read carefully, and see the words they paint with.

In the Shimmering:

A Collection of Prose & Poetry


Between Places:

A Collection of Prose & Poetry