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Grant Facilitation

The League of Utah Writers is a non-profit organization dedicated to the literary arts and the careers of the writers in our community. To that end, we are able to act as a pass-through organization for your grant needs. Many times, the donor of a grant needs a non-profit organization to sponsor it or to enable the donating organization to get the appropriate tax write-off for charitable donations. If you are in need of a non-profit organization for your grant pass-through needs, the League is able to offer that help for a standard, nominal fee. 


Pass-through grant funding is where an organization issues a grant to one organization who disburses those funds to others and can be earmarked for specific uses.

Apply for a Pass-Through Grant with the League of Utah Writers

Method of sending funding:
What do you need from the League?

After my application is reviewed, if approved, I understand that the following stipulations will apply:

  • The League will serve as a pass-through organization at a rate of 10% of total funds.

  • I will be required to use League logos on all promotional materials.

  • The League will not be responsible for any grant reporting.

  • The only participation the League will have is the receipt and dispersal of funds.

Thanks for applying!

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