LUW Literary Journal



Every month, members of the League of Utah Writers can submit stories to Inkpot through Medium. The Utah Freelance Editors (a chapter of the League) will pick four pieces, work with the author to edit the pieces, and publish one piece per week on our online literary journal.

2021 Submission Themes and Genres

May: No theme — Poetry
June: Where There Is No Darkness
July: Holding the Universe Together — Speculative Fiction
August: Pride Comes Before the Fall
September: Half Agony, Half Hope — Romance
October: Evil Is Nothing but Vanity — Horror
November: What Our Souls Are Made Of
December: When the Clock Stops

Steps for submitting to the Inkpot Literary Journal

  1. Create a Medium account

  2. Follow the Inkpot Literary Journal:

  3. Email with a request to be added as a writer. Please include your Medium handle so our Editor can add you.

  4. Click on your profile and click Write a story. Transfer your story here. You can also add an image that you own the rights to or is public domain.

  5. Click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner and click Add to publication and choose LUW Inkpot.

  6. Hit Publish!

  7. Your story will appear in the Inkpot drafts section. The winners will be notified and will then work with an editor to polish their pieces before they are published in the Inkpot Literary Journal.