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LUW Quills Conference

Have you registered for the Quills Conference yet?

Don’t delay - here’s what you’ll miss if you're not (virtually) there!

The 2020 Quills Conference has moved online! The fully virtual format has opened the door for more agents, editors, and guest presenters than ever before, and you can learn from their expertise right from the comfort of your own home!

Register now for the full conference and enjoy LIVE workshops including:

The Short Story: Unlocking All the Doors in the House of Your Creativity with Jonathan Maberry

Story Fundamentals of Speculative Fiction and Beginnings and Endings with Cat Rambo

Forms of Poetry with Linda Addison

Advanced Novel Structure with Michael A. Stackpole

MFA in a Day and Snapping Pictures With Words with Angie Hodapp

Maintaining Suspense Through a Novel and Marketing for Writers with J.H. Moncrieff

From Slush to Shine: Self-editing Your Manuscript with Lee Murray

Unraveling the Mystery of Mysteries and Pitch Perfect with Chantelle Aimeé Osman

How Horror and Sci-Fi Writers Can Cross Over into Romance and Erotica with Danielle Kaheaku

Disability Inclusive Worldbuilding with Elsa R. Sjunneson

Pitching Comics with Alex Segura

… and more!

Early registrants will gain access to the pre-recorded classes over a week before the conference begins, which means more time to watch and absorb presentations across every track:


  • Adapting a Novel to a Screenplay with Kate Jonez

  • Be a Poet Even in Prose: Twelve Tips for Writing Jaw-dropping Sentences with Lance Larsen

  • Bones of Horror with E.F. Schraeder

  • Character Therapy with Sofiya Pasternack

  • Combat as an element of World Building with J.E. Zarnofsky

  • Common Mistakes in First Chapters with Lesley Sabga

  • Crafting for Your Craft with Margot Monroe

  • Crafting the Perfect Romance (hint: make it not perfect) with Elana Johnson

  • Creating Strong Character Relationships  with Janeal Falor

  • Editor Speaks Out: The Mistakes Everyone Makes in the First Chapter with Amy Michelle Carpenter

  • Filtering The Rot Inside Your Story with Maxwell Alexander Drake

  • Genre, Tropes, and Word Counts: Knowing What You Write, Who It's For, and How to Deliver the Goods with Angie Hodapp

  • Getting Started in Writing Comics with John Robinson IV

  • How Technology Affects Future Creativity with J.M. Cullen

  • Intimacy and Consent in Fiction with Rachael Bush

  • Magic Systems with Charlie N. Holmberg

  • Nouns in a New Way To Get Writing with Virginia Babcock

  • Plotters Vs. Pantsers with C Louis S.

  • Revision Triage: Where to (Re)Start with Kristy S. Gilbert

  • Science Fiction World Building with Zabé Ellor

  • Science in Fiction with Cassidy Ward

  • Technical Writing for Fun and Profit with Jana S. Brown

  • The Faceted Novel with Johnny Worthen

  • The Inside Out Author with Sammie Trinidad

  • The Poetic Voice in Writing with Jef Huntsman

  • The Shapes of Stories with Bryan Young

  • Writing Blindness with Elsa R. Sjunneson

  • Writing for a Series with Alex Harrow

  • Writing Healthy Romantic Relationships with Margot Monroe

  • Writing Mental Illness with Sofiya Pasternack

  • Writing Outside the Box: Fantasy Edition with Charlie N. Holmberg


  • Author Newsletter with Mel Jolly

  • Is Your Book on with Sharon Larson

  • Market Your Romance To The Masses with Elana Johnson

  • Marketing Plan: The Beginning with Kenny B. Smith 

  • Self Made Marketing with Elizabeth Suggs


  • Advantages and Disadvantages of 1st Person with Maxwell Alexander Drake

  • Authors Discussing Diversity in the Industry with Jayrod Garrett

  • Compelling Story Conflict with Heidi Thornock

  • Do's and Don'ts of Writing People of Color with J.T. Moore

  • Editors and Agents Discussing Diversity in the Industry (Sammie Trinidad: Freelance sensitivity reader and editor, Rebecca Sachiko: Managing Board Member & Sensitivity Reader for Saltandsagebooks, Crystal Yang Shelley: Owner/Editor at Rabbit with a Red Pen and Freelance Editor, Stacy Whitman: Publisher at Lee & Low Books, and Stacey Barney: Executive Editor at Penguin/G.P. Putnam's Sons) with Jayrod Garrett

  • Get Your *Stuff* Together: Organization for Authors with Mel Jolly

  • How Authors Make Money: Utilizing Subsidiary Rights to Generate Income with Kimberly Brower

  • Plot or Character with Kathi Oram Peterson

  • Q&A with Joanna Penn: The Author Mindset (with Alex Harrow)

  • Ten Plus Guides For Writing Contests with Jef Huntsman

  • The Myth of the 20lb Longsword with J.E. Zarnofsky

  • Using Social Media To Build A Writer Platform with Terra Luft


  • 5 Things I need to Represent a Manuscript with Matt Belford

  • Content Warnings and Why You Need Them with Alex Harrow

  • Non-Fiction Proposals with Eric Smith

  • Publishing Romane To Make a Living with Elana Johnson

  • Tapping Into the Indie Market with Candace J. Thomas

  • The Long and Short of It: Surviving as a Freelancer with Riley Black

  • Traditional vs. Indie vs. Hybrid with Bryan Young

  • What To Do With Your Manuscript Next with Jared Quan

  • Writing Query Letters with Eric Smith

All registrants will also receive a free ebook copy of the League of Utah Writers 85th Anniversary Anthology, The Function of Freedom. Upgrade to a paperback edition for just $4.95!

About the book: For 85 years, The League of Utah Writers has worked diligently to encourage and nurture the writing talent in Utah. This collection was assembled to mark the occasion of the League’s anniversary and showcases the talent from

all corners of the state. Spanning multiple genres and forms, this competitive anthology represents some of the best the League has to offer from newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.

You don’t want to miss this year’s Quills Conference! Click here to register today!


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