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How to Keep Writing: 3 Ways

By Virginia Babcock

Maybe you’re like me: part-time writer struggling to find time to write. It can be hard. Hard to find the time, hard to keep going, and hard to do on your own. My advice? Keep going. You may need to try a different take or reinforce something you already do, but keep writing. Below I’ve made a quick list to keep you progressing.

1. Figure Out What’s Holding You Back

I combat these things in many ways. Maybe it’s a person, work, or your own self-doubt. Figure out what that is, and move forward. There were always be a time where you feel discouraged. This comes with the territory of being a writer. All writers feel like this at one point, so it’s okay when you experience this because this feeling will pass. Remember the reasons why you became a writer and why writing is important.

2. Take Steps to Neutralize the Barrier

The best thing to do is write. Just write. The act of writing, especially when you are “not feeling it,” will get you going. Putting the fingers on the letters will get you going. It’s like going to the gym for couscous potatoes. You can plan for it, talk about it, and even schedule the time. But, until you get there and start walking or running on the treadmill, you are not working out. Write without worrying about quality at first. When you write, your brain will start firing, and the words and phrases, and eventually, paragraphs will come.

3. Perform or Do

Finally, you need to make time and give effort to your writing like you do anything. Think of it as a job or a kid. It needs your time and attention. Many a writer schedules writing into their days like a doctor’s appointment. Plan and plot your writing like you do your stories if you need to. Think like NaNoWriMo. A month, 50K words. Do what works for you. One thousand words a week is a novel in a year.

P.S. Life happens. Do what you need to, and get back to your writing when you can. Take heart and be like Dory. Just keep swimming (or writing), and you’ll get there.

Virginia Babcock

She has always loved romantic fiction, and now writes her own stories of love and life in the real world. Virginia lives in northern Utah where she works full-time when she’s not writing books. The rest of her free time is spent with her husband and cat. Facebook @VirginiaBabcockBooks

Twitter @ VBabcockBooks


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