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Quills Scholarship Opportunity for LGBTQIA+ Writers

Under the Umbrella is proud to sponsor two full tickets (including meals and workshops) to the 2021 Quills Conference.

About Under the Umbrella:

Under the Umbrella is a queer little bookstore in Ute/Goshute land (Salt Lake City, Utah). Under the Umbrella stocks books across all genres and for all ages, including current and classic fiction, nonfiction, poetry, graphic novels, and more. Every book in our store is queer in content and/or written by queer authors.

We also focus on books by small presses and self-published queer authors that you won’t find in general bookstores. We flip the script on the traditional prioritization of the publishing industry by further prioritizing the works and stories of Black queers—especially Black transgender women—and other queers of color, disabled queers, fat queers, two-spirit people, intersex people, asexual and aromantic people, incarcerated queer people, queer sex workers, and other identities within the queer community that experience further marginalization.

In addition to selling and celebrating stories written by and about queer folks, the store offers a safe space for LGBTQIA+ folks to gather and create community together.

Deadline is August 4th, 2021


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