Quill Awards

Published Book Contest Winners

Diamond Quill for Best Novel of the Year

#Lured by Jo Schneider


Gold Quill: Cresting the Sun by Nicholas Adams et al

Silver Quill: Yearning to Breathe /free by Lyn Worthen et al

Recommended Read: Grifty Shades of Fey by Johnny Worthen et al

Recommended Read: Robotech: The Macross Saga by Bryan Young et al

Recommended Read: Spirals by Keri Montgomery/The Brigham City Chapter

Adult Fiction

Gold Quill: Founding Sheriff by Edward Massey

Silver Quill: Retaliation by Haley Cavanagh

Recommended Read: Siege & Sacrifice by Charlie N. Holmberg

Recommended Read: Thicker Than Water by Johnny Worthen

Recommended Read: Not the Bodyguard's Baby by Lorin Grace


Gold Quill: Elmer's Feelings by Kai Milito

Silver Quill: We Shall Be Monsters by Ryan Decaria

Recommended Read: Zoo by Ann Hunter

Recommended Read: Farm Families by Robyn Buttars


Gold Quill: Searching Isaiah by David Armstrong

Silver Quill: Heartbeats by Jef Huntsman


Quill's Writing Contest


New Writer: Creative Nonfiction

First Place: The Haunted Castle - Steven Wight Second Place: Fear and Wonder in Apple Valley, Minnesota - Elijah Foster Third Place: Vic Mignogna VS Funimation - Kiara Horowitz

New Writer: Fiction

First Place: The Champion - J Schnader Second Place: King Billy the Wicked - Glenn Reschke Third Place: When Boys Have Breasts: The First Kiss - Frank Jones First Honorable Mention: You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You - Maxwell Nobis Second Honorable Mention: Durango - J Schnader Third Honorable Mention: Out and Through - Anna Bessesen

New Writer: First Chapter (Fiction or Nonfiction)

First Place: The City of Schemes - Bill Garwin Second Place: Matt Mabie and the Adventures of the Morning Star - Justin Glauser Third Place: Relatively Normal Secrets - Christina Allen First Honorable Mention: Alchemy's End - Mary Johnstun Second Honorable Mention: The Search for Machadamia - A Quest Most Noble Third Honorable Mention: Tides of Blood - Jessica Zarnofsky

New Writer: Poetry

First Place: Growth - Danielle Harward Second Place: Gender Scale - Kam Hadley Third Place: Life In the Time of Corona - Carolyn Marlin First Honorable Mention: Phoenix - Windy Talbot

Poetry: Light Verse (Rhyming, Metrical, and/or Humorous)

First Place: Night Ride - Robyn Buttars Second Place: Cereal Killer - Charlene Harmon Third Place: Daydreaming - Charlene Harmon First Honorable Mention: A Vary Mary Christmas - Denis Feehan Second Honorable Mention: Love of Lisa - Jef Huntsman Third Honorable Mention: Addiction - Gregor Deluca

Poetry: Love/Loss

First Place: Eiderdown - Lorraine Jeffery Second Place: Sleeping Alone: The Wife Left Behind - Charlene Harmon Third Place: Deafening - Michael Lopez First Honorable Mention: Kyles Room - Jef Huntsman Second Honorable Mention: Obituary - Sue Leth Third Honorable Mention: Beyond the Blossoms - Grace Jessen

Poetry: Narrative Poetry (Open or Closed Form)

First Place: Face of My Father - Jarod Garrett Second Place: Blind Amanda and His Eyes - Lorraine Jeffery Third Place: Cemetery Service - Grace Jessen First Honorable Mention: First Signs - Jef Huntsman Second Honorable Mention: Sunshine Walls - Jayrod Garrett Third Honorable Mention: Hope and Despair - Krystal Gerber

Poetry: Prose Poem

First Place: Maverick Jazz - Marie Tollstrup Second Place: First Lady of the Wild World - Frank DeCarla Third Place: Nestled in Nature - Claudene Gordon First Honorable Mention: The Islands of the Dead - Cara O'Sullivan Second Honorable Mention: Twilight Walk - Marie Tollstrup Third Honorable Mention: Dear Dora, - C. Butler

Prose: Children's Story

First Place:The Squawk - Caroline Peterson Second Place: The Cookie Fix - Arlena Harmon Third Place: Loose Tooth on the Loose - Robyn Buttars First Honorable Mention: Halloween Haunt - Robyn Buttars Second Honorable Mention: Clarion - Tim Heare

Prose: Creative Nonfiction

First Place: Eulogy for My Living Brother - Sara Wetmore Second Place: A Maid Named Maria - Sandra Montanino Third Place: Clarke Gable Drops the F-Bomb - Chris Todd Miller First Honorable Mention: Confessions of a Claustrophobic - Denis Feehan Second Honorable Mention: The Poison Within - Marie Tollstrup Third Honorable Mention: Baseball Bats and Crystal Balls - Rachael Bush

Prose: First Chapter (Novel)

First Place: Haunts Apparitions and Things Left Undead - Ryan Decaria Second Place: The Brigham - Scott Tarbet Third Place: Antoine's Run - Jef Huntsman First Honorable Mention: The Weight of Salt - Sandra Montanino Second Honorable Mention: The Fires of Mortality - Cara O'Sullivan Third Honorable Mention: Unproven - Nick Jensen

Prose: First Chapter (Young Adult)

First Place: Legendary Mellie - Christina Allen Second Place: How to Survive Seventh Grade - David Rodeback Third Place: Kinda Quaker Deenie - Lauren King First Honorable Mention: Rise of the Stripling Warriors - Scott Tarbet Second Honorable Mention: Snow So White - Kathryn Ferriello Third Honorable Mention: The Alchemist's Coin - Rachel DeFriez

Prose: Flash Fiction

First Place: Stepping Out - Marie Tollstrup Second Place: Dinner for Halgaroth - Heidi Voss Third Place: Sucker - Autumn Rust First Honorable Mention: Patient Zero - Amanda Barusch Second Honorable Mention: Unforgettable - Elizabeth Suggs Third Honorable Mention: The Opportunity - Rock Thompson

Prose: Historical Fiction

First Place: Hippocrates - Bryan Young Second Place: Uncle Robert - David Kennedy

Prose: Media Article

First Place: Flying Solo - Marie Tollstrup Second Place: Phantom Reality - Marie Tollstrup Third Place: Confronting Suicide - Marie Tollstrup First Honorable Mention: High Wire Act - Marie Tollstrup Second Honorable Mention: 'Revenge of the Sith' Opened the Door to Exploring 'Star Wars' Afterlife - Bryan Young Third Honorable Mention: The Birds and the Bees - Alice Batzel

Prose: Screenplay

First Place: Help Wanted - Bryan Young Second Place: Nightmares - Bryan Young Third Place: Honky Tonk Gals - Lonnie Bradley

Prose: Short Fiction

First Place: Me and Liz - Josie Hulme Second Place: Canceled - Monica Simons Third Place: Missing Margaret - Donna Graves First Honorable Mention: Her Voice - David Rodeback Second Honorable Mention: It Could Have Been Us - Tyler Nelson Third Honorable Mention: Ketchum - Bryan Young

Prose: Speculative Fiction

First Place: A Sense of Justice - Johnny Worthen Second Place: Winds of Fate - Krystal Gerber Third Place: Anything - Bryan Young First Honorable Mention: No Soliciting - Caryn Larrinaga Second Honorable Mention: The Waiting Nightmare - Aren Hatch Third Honorable Mention: The Reaper - Josie Hulme

Prose: Spiritual Essay

First Place: From Nun to None - Marie Tollstrup Second Place: The Fallen Sparrow - Krystal Gerber Third Place: Truth - Lorraine Jeffery First Honorable Mention: 10,000 Hours to Michell Obama's Arm Muscles - Vicky Oliver Second Honorable Mention: Joel - Claudene Gordon Third Honorable Mention: A Gender Queer Follower of Christ - Kam Hadley

Prose: Western

First Place: The Wild Bunch Barber - Bryan Young Second Place: A Turn to the South - Molly Sturdevant Third Place: Justice - Tim Heare


Quill Awards

Published Book Contest Winners

Diamond Quill for Best Novel of the Year

On Fly-Fishing the Wind River Range: Essays and What Not to Bring by Chadd VanZanten


Gold Quill: Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel by Scott Tarbet and John Olsen

Silver Quill: Quoth the Raven by Lyn Worthen

Recommended Read: Wandering Beautiful by Candace J. Thomas

Recommended Read: Wings of Change by Lyn Worthen

Adult Fiction

Gold Quill: One Bronze Knuckle by Kenny Gordon

Silver Quill: Clairvoyant by Mike Nelson

Silver Quill: The Porch by David Armstrong

Recommended Read: Among These Bones by Amanda Luzzader

Recommended Read: Finding Anne de Bourgh by Ronda Gibb Hinrichsen


Gold Quill: How to Save the Constitution by Paul Skousen

Silver Quill: The Alamist Queen by J.S. Jaeger

Recommended Read: Stonebearer's Betrayal by Jodi Milner

Recommended Read: Kairos by Mechelle Morrison


Gold Quill: Utah Women: Pioneers, Poets & Politicians by Emily Brooksby Wheeler

Silver Quill: The Poorest Man in Zion by David Benson


Quill's Writing Contest


Creative Non-Fiction (New Writer)

1st Place: Some Suggestions You Might Use if You Write About the Blues - Joseph Gordon

2nd Place: All the Marbles - William Anderson

3rd Place: The War on Woad - Matthew Funk

1st Honorable Mention: Conundrum - Richard Timothy

2nd Honorable Mention: The Magical World of Bourbony - Joseph Gordon

3rd Honorable Mention: Laugh Lines - Rebekah Morris

Fiction (New Writer)

1st Place: Closing In - Amanda Hill

2nd Place: Steel Trap - Abby Brinkerhoff

3rd Place: Suddenly - Elizabeth Barnes

1st Honorable Mention: Charlie Jones Wants to Come Home - Ellen Hindman

2nd Honorable Mention: Love, Hughes, and Naked People - Richard Timothy

3rd Honorable Mention: Dreams - Jason Montoya

First Chapter (Fiction or Non-Fiction} - New Writer

1st Place: Annie on the Run - Steven Wight

2nd Place: Highwaypeople - Ben Green

3rd Place: Bobbin and the Magic Thief - Kat Farrow

1st Honorable Mention: Easy Does It - Howard Sachs

2nd Honorable Mention: Embarcadero - Mandy Ballard

3rd Honorable Mention: It’s Spelled Chocolate - Michelle Henrie

Poetry (New Writer)

1st Place: She - Richard Timothy

2nd Place: Kirtland Temple - Thomas Kimball

3rd Place: A Mountainous Contrast - Andee Howard

1st Honorable Mention: And You Knew It - Richard Timothy

2nd Honorable Mention: 9.13.18 - Lorrie Chesnut

3rd Honorable Mention: None (only 5 entries)

Poetry Light Verse (Rhyming, Metrical and/or Humorous)

1st Place: Malevolent March - Lorraine Jeffery

2nd Place: Damn the Unicorns - Jef Huntsman

3rd Place: If Misery Does Love Company - Lorraine Jeffery

1st Honorable Mention: No Time Like the Present - Denis Feehan

2nd Honorable Mention: Woof! - Jef Huntsman

3rd Honorable Mention: A Record Store - Chadd VanZanten

Narrative Poetry (Open or Closed Form)

1st Place: Fifteenth Birthday - Jef Huntsman

2nd Place: Desert Prayers - Lorraine Jeffery

3rd Place: Center of the Siege - Christine McDonough

1st Honorable Mention: Clueless - Sue Leth

2nd Honorable Mention: Letter From an Antarctic Seabird - Chadd VanZanten

3rd Honorable Mention: Kickapoo River Dance - Marie Tollstrup

Prose Poem

1st Place: Missing the War - Marie Tollstrup

2nd Place: Song of Kooser’s Buttons - Lorraine Jeffery

3rd Place: Barefoot Baptism - Marie Tollstrup

1st Honorable Mention: Hand of Fate - Marie Tollstrup

2nd Honorable Mention: The House We Left Behind - Sue Leth

3rd Honorable Mention: Method to Madness - Marie Tollstrup

Word Play

1st Place: Whitewashed - Marie Tollstrup

2nd Place: Madness Turned Sideways - Marie Tollstrup

3rd Place: Ashes to Ashes - Charlene Harmon

1st Honorable Mention: Semper Fi: The Marine Wife - Charlene Harmon

2nd Honorable Mention: Insomniate - Robyn Buttars

3rd Honorable Mention: Poetic DNA - Marie Tollstrup

Children's Story

1st Place: The Magical Village of Kalamulon - Brooke Nelson

2nd Place: Misadventures of the Just Us Chickens - Alexander Copley

3rd Place: A Peach or Two or Ten - Robyn Buttars

1st Honorable Mention: A Home for Mary Fields - Emily Wheeler

2nd Honorable Mention: Farm Families on the Family Farm - Robyn Buttars

3rd Honorable Mention: Akina’s Cape – Laurie Heath

Creative Non-Fiction

1st Place: The Warning Signs: Origins of an Obsessive Fisherman - John Saporito

2nd Place: Out of Control - Emily Wheeler

3rd Place: A signal Triumph of Humanity - David Kennedy

1st Honorable Mention: Going on Ten - Rachael Bush

2nd Honorable Mention: The Creek - Josie Hulme

3rd Honorable Mention: Dear February - Chadd VanZanten

First Chapter (Novel)

1st Place: Wishwood - Emily Wheeler

2nd Place: Coronam Book 1: Of Kings Queens and Colonies - Johnny Worthen

3rd Place: Forever, Ethan - Rachel DeFriez

1st Honorable Mention: Spidereater - Tim Tarbet

2nd Honorable Mention: Pan’s Gate - Frank DeCaria

3rd Honorable Mention: Gross Anatomy - A Cadaver’s Tale - Warren Stucki

First Chapter (Young Adult)

1st Place: Across the River - Brooke Nelson
2nd Place: 7 Seconds - Rachel DeFriez

3rd Place: Running on Fire - Emily Knowles

1st Honorable Mention: The Beast Below - Elizabeth Allen Drysdale

2nd Honorable Mention: Grey Daze - Rachel DeFriez

3rd Honorable Mention: Death Comes Calling - Carol Nicolas


1st Place: I was Not There, yet I was There - Brenda Birch Gallaher

2nd Place: Ain’t No Water in the Pipes - Denis Feehan

3rd Place: Chasing Tomorrow - Josie Hulme

1st Honorable Mention: Russian Tea for Two - Lorin Grace

2nd Honorable Mention: Drowning - Marianne Fraser

3rd Honorable Mention: Kismet - Warren Stucki

Media Article

1st Place: Why Black Dolls Matter - Karen Kurtz

2nd Place: Still I Desisted: Reflections on Leg Hair - Felicia Rose

3rd Place: Avoiding Deletion - Richard Timothy

1st Honorable Mention: Learning to Write to Theme Through The Last Jedi - Bryan Young

2nd Honorable Mention: Ball Games of Ancient Mesoamerica - Sariah Horowitz

3rd Honorable Mention: Barbara Greenly Toomer (1929-2018): A World Without Barriers - Emily


1st Place: Hummingbird - Joni Haws

2nd Place: The Burgle - Candie Thomas

3rd Place: Writhing Walls - Jef Huntsman

1st Honorable Mention: Palinopsia - Joni Haws

2nd Honorable Mention: The Lodge - Johnny Worthen

3rd Honorable Mention: Paper Tigers - Amanda Luzzader


1st Place: Seats G and H - Krystal Gerber

2nd Place: Sin and Sinister - Amey Ziegler

3rd Place: Lobster Bisque - Chris Todd Miller

1st Honorable Mention: Career Goals - Monica Simons

2nd Honorable Mention: Casserole - Amey Ziegler

3rd Honorable Mention: Noted - Josie Hulme

Short Fiction

1st Place: Reserved Seats for Armageddon - Joe Totten

2nd Place: Avici - Anna Marasco

3rd Place: Me in the City of Rocks - Virginia Babcock

1st Honorable Mention: Circus Fire - Wallace Pride

2nd Honorable Mention: The Devil’s Way Out - Caryn Larrinaga

3rd Honorable Mention: The Eye of the Hurricane - Johnny Worthen

Speculative Fiction

1st Place: A Very Fine Stew - Bryan Young

2nd Place: The Tree of the Lost - Krystal Gerber

3rd Place: Hidden Beauty - Michelle Henrie

1st Honorable Mention: Underpass - Sarah Murtagh

2nd Honorable Mention: One Among the Flock - Cassidy Ward

3rd Honorable Mention: The Taste of Bone Tea - C.H. Hung

Spiritual Essay

1st Place: Death and All Its Hopes - Sammie Trinidad

2nd Place: Lifting the Veil - Jenette Purdy

3rd Place: Irene Kendall Never Existed - Robin Glassey

1st Honorable Mention: From Fear to Faith - Valarie Schenk

2nd Honorable Mention: Grandmother’s Lacuna - Mary O. Parker

3rd Honorable Mention: Battered Wings - Tamara Copley